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Hobbywing Xerun XR8 Pro G2SE Brushless ESC 200A, 2-4s LiPo

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Hobbywing Xerun XR8 Pro G2SE Brushless ESC 200A, 2-4s LiPo

This special edition XR8 Pro ESC is the ideal solution for 1/8th on-road and off-road competition use. Selected materials in the construction also make this ESC particularly reliable and durable. This is evident in the fan, for example, which is harder and more stable than traditional fans from comparable other controllers. The XR8 Pro SE supports boost and turbo timing up to 48°, which is important in competitions. If a Hobbywing G3 motor (4268 or 4274 in size) is also used, the maximum speed can even be increased by up to 50%.

So, get maximum performance out of your rc car and lead the race with this exclusive edition XR8 Pro ESC!


  • 5 selectable profiles for all 1/8 RC car races
    • Zero-timing blinky mode
    • 1/8 Off-road racing
    • 1/8 On-road racing
    • 1/8 GT racing
    • 1/8 Sport mode
  • Up to 30 different parameters can be set
  • Including 48° boost and turbo timing
  • Variable frequency control of the PWM and braking frequencies
  • Softening function for milder or wilder driving control and better driving efficiency
  • Various protective functions
  • Data logging of temperature, speed and much more
  • Firmware upgrades possible


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