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RUDDOG Racing 6600 (99.9Wh) 150C/75C 15.2V LCG 1/8 Pack LiPo-HV Battery

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RUDDOG Distribution’s latest addition to the Ruddog Racing line-up of competition batteries was specifically developed with 1/8th scale racing in mind. Made from silicon-graphene LiPo cells, the all new HV 4s pack provides you with maximum punch and high endurance.

Rated at 75C continuous / 150C burst, the EFRA approved 4S battery with a rated voltage of 15.2 V is the optimum power source for demanding 1/8th scale racing needs.


– HV silicon-graphene chemistry based on the proven 2021 line-up for low internal resistance and high capacity
– 75C continuous / 150C burst current rating
– Perfect choice for 1/8th scale racing
– EFRA approved


– Capacity: 6575mAh / 99.9Wh

– Nominal Voltage: 15.2V / 4S

– Discharge-Rate: 75C/150C

– Cell Type: Silicon-Graphene Lithium-Polymer

– Length: 138.9mm

– Width: 47.0mm

– Height: 38.5mm

– Weight: 475g

– Plug: 5mm

– Balancer-Plug: XH


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